Huge Bay potholes damaging vehicles

 I WRITE with great concern regarding the state of the William Moffett Expressway, Port Elizabeth and the lack of proper attention to this road.

Extremely large potholes are forming and have formed here. An attempt has been made to repair this road, but I have never seen such shoddy workmanship in all my life.

There has already been a great deal of damage to vehicles, and I am concerned that motorbikes and scooters will fall into (what to them could be) deathtraps.

 The complete resurfacing of this main thoroughfare has been postponed to whenever it seems the municipality and roads department would deem it a likely project. My view is that should the municipality fail to do what is necessary, and resurface the entire William Moffett immediately, it will be liable for all damages and possible fatalities!

Almost every road in Port Elizabeth has potholes. Just repairing potholes is not the answer.

 Jenni Barley, Port Elizabeth

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