Construction hole degrades beachfront

I ASSUME this great “hole” was dug on the Port Elizabeth beachfront months ago to facilitate improved storm water or sewerage drainage. However nothing has happened at this construction site for a very long time, and I am now told by the beachfront traders that the original contractor was not competent to complete the contract and was fired.

 What is left is a very smelly and unsightly hole, and lots of debris – not only unsightly but probably a health risk as well!

I am certain this portion of the beachfront is one of the 101 things which NMB Tourism recommends for tourists.

The contract was obviously awarded to an incompetent company/entity and I am wondering whether Roland “Twinkle Toes” Williams and his committee were responsible for this.

New tenders will be called for and I am sure the new contractor will ensure he or she makes additional profit fixing the botched job and the overall cost of the project will probably double – more wasted expenditure which the municipality and ultimately the ratepayers can ill afford!

 Trevor Davies, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth

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