Rubbish a poor advert for our city

I DRIVE every morning from a nice clean suburb to my office at the airport in Walmer, and am disgusted by the filth and garbage lining the streets from 10th Avenue past the Walmer Township.

Turn right into Seventh Avenue, then past the railway line into Community Street and then turn right again into Fifth Avenue over the railway line towards the airport. On the right-hand side of the road is a dump site with hardly a fence (probably stolen) to hide away the garbage that’s supposed to be dumped there.

 There is an informal settlement behind and next to the dump and railway line with an area spread with garbage and building rubble. There are even animals walking around and the motorists have to watch out for them (cattle, goats, pigs and donkeys).

 This is just a little picture of the scenery that you have to look at every day. What is happening?

 Isn’t there a council in the area that can do something about it? Many international people use these roads and have to travel down the same road to the airport to catch a flight.

I will hide my head in shame if I have an important guest from another town or country with me and they have to see that. Please Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, catch a wake-up and clean our city to where it once was!

Stop fighting about who is doing what and when, and earn your big salaries. There are lots of people looking for work out there.

Elma Matthews, Port Elizabeth

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