Vavi needs to check his facts

METHINKS the gentleman doth complain too much (“Biggest strike action yet to come, says Vavi”, The Herald, July 13).

 It would appear Vavi is using statistics much in the same way that a drunk uses a lamppost – for support rather than illumination. He claims that in 1962 white South Africans earned (on average) R2400 per month! I would like to suggest he checks his sources more carefully, or fires the researcher who produced this nonsense.

 I started working in 1964 and never earned anything close to what Vavi claims was the average two years earlier. In fact, as a married pilot, with a child, in the South African Air Force in 1971, and a qualified instructor to boot, I was earning the princely sum of R1920 per year including allowances! And I have the pay sheets to prove it.

 It would certainly improve matters if politicians checked the facts before engaging their mouths.

Paddy Carolan, Port Alfred

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