Sibiya rejected corruption

THE Congress of the People extends its condolences to the family, friends and comrades of Sibusiso Sibiya, by all accounts a true servant of the workers and the people. His killing, part of a pattern of the assassinations of political leaders who stand up against corruption, is a warning to all citizens.

 We must stand up firmly and unite against corruption. This means unity across political, racial, class and all other differences between us as South Africans.

Capitalism has the negative feature of promoting competition over wealth and resources that often turns violent. The two world wars, the apartheid system and gangsterism are all examples of this feature of our society.

 In our post-apartheid democracy, we have seen this tendency increasing, with assassinations of councillors, political leaders and community activists, all of whom had one thing in common: they stood against corruption.

It is for this reason that the actions of political leaders such as the president, who attacks the judiciary, as well as the commissioner of police, who sets his men on the public protector and the head of the SIU, need to be condemned. This type of behaviour, where the state machinery is used to protect corrupt actions, emboldens those who are corrupt and who are ruthless.

Sibusiso’s death is a tragic warning to us all. We must defeat tenderpreneurism. We must defeat political gangsterism. We must defeat the corrupters and the killers.

They threaten our democracy, our constitution, our chance of a better life for all citizens.

Mosiuoa Lekota, president, Congress of the People, Johannesburg

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