Keep up the good work, resist efforts to muzzle press

WE have been subjected to another self-righteous diatribe from Nceba Faku (“Herald comments seek to divide ANC”, The Herald, July 12). As his own integrity has been called into question, you would have thought common sense would have persuaded him to shut up.

If his cronies, Sithembele Vatala and Roland Williams, were appointed as municipal manager and deputy manager respectively of the metro, this would effectively give Faku direct control of the city’s affairs with disastrous results. It would, in fact, be preferable to appoint people to these positions who could actually do the job, but this won’t happen under the ANC.

It is no wonder that the likes of Faku would like to see the press muzzled, and this must be vigorously resisted. Keep up the good work, Herald, at least for as long as you are allowed to. We need you.

GE Turley, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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