Subject never discussed

AS a member of the ANC regional executive committee, I would like to express deep concern about The Herald’s front-page story on July 6 (“ANC row over the city’s top jobs”).

I was present from beginning to end of the only meeting of the REC to date this month, that of Sunday, July 3. At no time was the subject of the municipal manager or deputy municipal manager ever raised, let alone discussed.

Therefore, I was shocked to read the patently untrue “story”, seemingly based on information from nameless individuals. In the interests of ethical and credible journalism I would like to appeal to the Editor of The Herald please, in future, to ensure:

  • The Herald attributes the information it prints to named sources, particularly in stories such as this that are patently fabricated.
  • The Herald Editor investigate the above story thoroughly and give a full report of how the sources and the editors managed to get the front-page story so completely wrong.
  • The Herald treat future stories from these unnamed sources with the caution they deserve.

ANC councillor and REC member Marion Harning, Port Elizabeth

THE Avusa Group has a very clear policy on using unnamed sources in stories, and mostly discourages such use unless there are compelling reasons for this to be so. This is international best practice. To that end, such stories are, indeed, treated with utmost caution. We have no reason to believe that our sources have an agenda about which we are not aware, but as our Public Editor indicated to Nceba Faku in a separate response, we are committed to providing both sides of the story at all times. We have published Mr Faku’s side of the story in his letter to The Herald and now we are publishing yours and we hope this matter is finally laid to rest. – The Editor

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