No need to have status to be shown respect

I COULDN’T agree more with Mncedisi Mvinjelwa that respect is pushed aside nowadays (“Respect for others pushed aside”, The Herald, July 11). What makes my blood boil is that a person must be employed, wealthy, feared, materially conspicuous, of a certain social status etc to be worth of respect.

 What happened to the respect of all people without first having to find a reason to respect them?

I must also take a swipe at the independent African career women who always moan they are unlucky in love, while they drive men away with their satanic arrogance, then resort to serially dating far younger men/lighties who they can bully around! Lack of respect will make you “unlucky” forever more.

I am speaking (or writing) from experience and years of observation/sharing of notes.

Luyanda Marlon Kama, KwaDwesi, Port Elizabeth

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