Herald comments seek to divide ANC, says Faku

YET again, after reading The Herald editorial comment of July 7, “Time for mayor to show his mettle”, in defence of the ANC I am compelled to clarify the hidden agenda of this newspaper against the ANC. I note the editorial comment seeks to separate mayor Zanoxolo Wayile from his political organisation, the ANC, whose offices are in Standard House.

The comment seeks to encourage our mayor to “stand up and exercise strong leadership” against the “political vultures” and “political bosses at the ANC regional office at Standard House”. The editorial comment has so much patronised Wayile to a point of publicly acknowledging him as “the staunch communist”.

It is these divisive actions and comments that make the gutter journalism of The Herald stand out head and shoulders above many commercial newspapers in the country. Its interest of working to divide the regional ANC leadership from its support base and the Alliance gets exposed in moments like these.

Now it is trying to create a wedge between the local leadership of the ANC and its deployee. By implication The Herald wants to create two ANCs, the one at Standard House and the other at the City Hall.

Wayile is called on by The Herald “to show his mettle”. I mean really what is this? What hypocrisy is this?

 Wayile’s mettle had long been shown and his deployment by the ANC as the executive mayor bears testimony to that. His mettle had long been shown by his visibility on the ground with the masses of our toiling people.

His mettle had long been shown as a “staunch communist”. His mettle had been shown by leading our ANC deployees to produce and pass the municipal IDP and 2011/12 budget for the current financial year.

The advice given by the editorial comments of The Herald to our mayor is totally foreign to ANC practices and traditions. It is nothing but divisive within the ANC Alliance. We will not fall into that liberal’s trap!

I am not going to comment on the premature conclusions of The Herald on issues of the employment of the metro municipal manager. I think it will be irresponsible for any person who has the interest of this municipality to start making judgmental comments about any of the applicants.

Applicants are people too. Their privacy should be respected and municipal processes be respected.

The Herald is very fond of putting names of people in the public domain as if they have no sense of pride and families to protect. Whatever are the political views and associations of the applicants, I respect them for that and I will not seek to use those to cause their public embarrassment.

I call upon patriots of the metro and those of our country to remain “eternally vigilant” (as advocated by Desmond Tutu) against our ANC detractors. The people must judge for themselves!

NC Faku, ANC regional chairperson, Nelson Mandela Metro

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