Who’s running education: province or national govt?

WE have strange phenomena engulfing the Education Department in the Eastern Cape. First you have Sadtu (head office) removing Ronnie Swartz from the department and calling him racist despite the fact that he is a founder member of Sadtu nationally.

Then you have an extravagant Sadtu welcome for head of department Modidima Mannya, their preferred candidate, to come and take over the department.

 Mannya then starts the cleaning up process and displeases Sadtu because he does not dance to their tune.

After he suspends their leadership at the site they go on a go-slow, disrupting the same children’s programmes that they now say are being disadvantaged by the continued presence of Mannya.

After Minister for Basic Education Angie Motshekga approves the removal of infrastructure, finance and human resources departments from Mannya and gives those responsibilities to Mathanzima Mweli, the MEC tells the standing committee on education that Mannya is the head of department and that all functions revert to him (“Bhisho reinstates official”, The Herald, June 17).

This is supported by the whole executive.

A memo is issued by Mweli that all chief directors and directors report to him.

People have been suspended and the question now arises: will all these people who have been suspended by Mannya come back? Over and above that there are still corrupt people in the department who are keeping their heads below the radar.

The question then arises: exactly who is governing the province? Is it national or the province?

We are aware that a Section 100 (1) b has been introduced, but has the minister for basic education consulted the province? Schedule 4 of the constitution lists the departments and policies which are the concurrent competencies of the national and provincial legislatures.

Section 100 (2) and (3) directs the national executive where they have intervened in terms of Section 100 (1) (b) to implement certain steps – have they done so? Is this not the reason why the executive opposes this intervention?

Viwe Sidali, Duncan Village, East London

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