Lift restrictions now

ITS about time the municipal spokesman stops pulling the wool over our eyes. Does the municipality think we’re fools?

 It’s obvious they’re making millions out of water penalties etc. We’ve got water to last us for years, plus now the pipeline is going ahead for Sundays or Fish River water.

 The process is simple: drop all water restrictions. Even a child can see how simple it is – the paying public have learnt to conserve water, every second household in my area and many other suburbs has installed water tanks at our expense to help with the water crises.

We agree every household should have water, but then make provision for this extra usage by building more dams. Spend the ratepayers’ money on infrastructure, not on exorbitant salaries for lazy councillors.

Where are the days when mayor Solly Rubin got a pittance, but was honoured to be our mayor?

Cliff Mackenzie, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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