Fight crime like car theft

ON Friday evening my vehicle was stolen from the inner parking area of the Mercantile Hospital. This with security guards and a front entrance security building.

 There was no light on in this building at that stage. This I found strange as the light was on every other night when I visited my wife in hospital.

On enquiring whether there was a CCTV camera available, I found there was one but it does not show the whole parking area and so we could not establish who had stolen my vehicle.

 I read recently that a vehicle had also been stolen from the parking area at Greenacres Hospital. Surely with the high costs of private hospitalisation the directors can, at least, ensure visitors have safe parking at these hospitals.

 I lost a vehicle, a new laptop with much valuable information on it, an external hard drive, a bunch of work keys, my wife’s ID document, clothing belonging to my wife and son, and other valuables that will be difficult to replace. I thought the parking was safe.

The police arrived two hours late, but the two officers were kind, sympathetic and courteous. One came to see me at my house on Sunday morning.

However, I have no hope of getting anything back. I have no transport of my own at the moment. I also believe that the investigation will end there.

When will people begin to stand up and fight this kind of theft? I can only appeal that people must realise the suffering that car theft brings.

 How can we prevent theft? Civil society should stand up and prevent the purchase of back door motor car parts, as a start.

Colin Abrahams, Port Elizabeth

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