Committee didn’t discuss municipal job candidates

ON behalf of the ANC in the Nelson Mandela region I have taken it upon myself to respond to the article, “ANC row over the city’s top jobs” (The Herald, July 6) in defence of the ANC and to clarify serious fabrications contained in it.

 These deliberate mistakes are always done to put our ANC in a bad light in the eyes of the public and in the minds of uncritical readers of newspapers. In this metro we are experiencing the fast degeneration in the quality of The Herald into the gutter journalism in a way that has not been seen before.

 Its continued opposition to the ANC is becoming obvious by the day and its role of fuelling divisions within the ANC Alliance is assuming alarming proportions.

Here are the facts:

The Herald: “ANC row over the city’s top jobs.”

ANC facts: the issues of the employment of the municipal manager and the deputy municipal manager have never been discussed with any of the structures of the ANC.

The Herald: “The pair were proposed by the ANC regional executive committee (REC) at a closed meeting held at the ANC regional headquarters, Standard House in Govan Mbeki Avenue, at the weekend.”

ANC facts: over this past weekend (July 2-3) the ANC had only one meeting of its REC. During the course of that meeting Joy Seal made an urgent announcement in the meeting that a Herald photographer had stormed our ANC offices unannounced and was requesting to take a picture of the sitting of the REC because The Herald was busy with the article on the employment of the municipal manager and it had been told the REC was discussing that item.

The whole meeting of the REC was shocked and surprised, and immediately sent out Sticks Toyise and Joy (both REC members) to the photographer to tell him we were not going to allow him to take the REC picture to justify The Herald preparations of its article, to convey to him that the REC was not discussing the issue of the municipal manager and we were not even intending to do so. When the two REC members came back they reported in the meeting that they conveyed the message and the photographer had gone.

 This meeting of the REC was sitting only to listen to presentations of the political education sub-committee and briefings. There was no other business that the REC attended to in that meeting.

The Herald: “The meeting was also attended by the ANC Youth League, Women’s League and branch executive committee members in the Bay.”

ANC facts: this is a 100% lie, a pure fabrication. No meeting of that nature was ever held by the ANC in the said weekend.

The Herald: “Speaking on condition of anonymity, three branch executive committee members (BEC) who represented different branches at the meeting confirmed the posts were a hot topic on the agenda.”

ANC facts: on this point The Herald is again lying and fabricating. If not, then from which branches did these three come, what positions do they hold within those BECs and what are their names?

 I want to put it to The Herald that if the sources exist then they are blue liars.

The rest of the contents of this article is irrelevant and null and void as it is based on something that never took place. It is a shame that readers of The Herald are subjected to this kind of degradation on a daily basis.

 Perhaps it’s now time for the ANC to make direct and immediate responses on every publication that The Herald makes in defence of its political integrity and that of its leaders. We must hope that these responses will be published as they are because we do not trust the editing and journalism ethics of The Herald any more when it comes to the ANC.

The people must judge for themselves.

NC Faku, ANC regional chairperson, Nelson Mandela Bay


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