Changes to ‘Isidingo’ disappointing

I HAVE been watching Isidingo for many years now.

It was disappointing to see the changes, though obviously the producers felt a need to do so. I have since found out why.

The new family to arrive at Horizon Deep and with their company, Sibeko Gold, was launched with glitz and glamour. (We don’t need another Generations.)

Also, disappointing to see is the way the Le Roux family is slowly but surely being written out of the script. Where are Maggie and Stella?

It looks like Farrow is next to go. So, with Marlien and Sofia le Roux “leaving SA”, that leaves Daniel and brother Benjamin. Wait, something will happen to them and they will also be written off. I could go on.

I Googled Isidingo and read how African viewers’ ratings had gone down. There is always Generations, Stokvel, Muvhango or Society, for them to choose from.

Isidingo, I always felt, was for everybody. I watch Isidingo because I really love it.

Why are the newish actors being written off? (The Braam le Roux family have not been in the soapie for very long.)

There are many who look like they have passed their “sell by date” or just hangers-on – I could name a few.

C Botha, Port Elizabeth

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