River could be an asset to Uitenhage

THE recent rains we experienced brought to our attention the Swartkops River that most of us forget runs through Uitenhage. When it is full and running, it looks quite spectacular.

 If this river had been anywhere else in the world, it would have been turned into their town’s main feature and one of the main tourist attractions, but instead, here in Uitenhage, it has become the town’s rubbish dump. It seems a shame.

 If this area could be cleaned up and turned into a waterfront, with one or two restaurants, maybe a hotel, a couple of other African curio type shops, etc, then I am sure it could become a very popular tourist attraction.

 Uitenhage is close to the sea, Uitenhage is close to the Addo Park, it is close to the Karoo and it is close to the Garden Route. Uitenhage is an historic landmark (being founded in 1804, even before the 1820 Settlers landed and founded Port Elizabeth).

 There is so much potential to turn the river area in Uitenhage into a major attraction which could provide work opportunities for many people. There are so many homeless and jobless people living in this area who beg for scraps to eat.

 Surely our local municipalities could provide a daily meal in exchange for a clean-up job of Uitenhage’s Swartkops River. This would be a great start.

Marion Baars, Uitenhage

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