Give two half salaries

ACCORDING to Cosatu, Helen Zille is receiving two salaries, one as leader of the DA and one for being premier of the Western Cape (“Zille faces ‘R2m salary’ probe, The Herald, June 28). If this is true, then the system is rather skewed.

 Since it is impossible to devote all one’s time to two jobs it can be assumed that approximately 50% of time is concerned with each job. Therefore it would make sense if Zille received 50% of the salary for each job. She would then be adequately compensated for her time.

Just why politicians have to milk the system to the hilt escapes me, but it does seem to be a universal problem. Presumably the DA’s attitude is that the ANC do it all the time, so why shouldn’t we?

 GE Turley, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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