If tender flawed, why did big firms apply?

 I WOULD like to refer to the statements made by Bruce Jefferies, from Tractor Outdoor Eastern Cape, in his letter (“Company did not tender for Bay road gantry advertising boards”, The Herald, June 27).

 If the tender was flawed. as per Jefferies’s statement, why did the largest of the outdoor companies in South Africa tender? What information did Jefferies posses regarding the tender prior to the tender being advertised or awarded?

Municipal communications director Roland Williams made it clear that “all” companies could apply for a renewal of their contract after the one year Fifa agreement, not only Century Media Pty Ltd.

Century Media also finds it strange that although Tractor did not tender, Tractor was quick to play law enforcer with the NMBM department of housing.

Why did Tractor not take on the municipality, to set aside the tender if it was that badly flawed?

 Jefferies’s comment that the best managed signage in South Africa is done by the department of housing in Port Elizabeth is laughable due to the fact that all the existing signage at the airport has always been illegal, especially with its new by-laws banning advertising boards 300m from an intersection and a 2.5km radius, and not forgetting that all these structures are on provisional roads.

The question remains once again: who is taking action against these illegal sites as well as all the other illegal sites in Port Elizabeth?

Jefferies makes a mistake by pointing out that Century Media Pty Ltd is part of the Out of Home Media South Africa, which is incorrect.

 The question was asked by Century Media, its attorneys as well as the NMB Ratepayers Association of Danie Strijdom, Christo Pheiffer and Dawn McCarthy, whether all the other billboards in NMBM were legal and complied with the building regulations. Were building plans submitted, drainage plans as well as soil test provided by all the other outdoor companies that have existing billboards in the municipality, as was requested from Century Media?

 The answer from the department of housing (McCarthy) as well as Pheiffer was “no comment, please speak to our attorney”.

 As such a concerned media owner in the Eastern Cape let us see what Tractor will do next to protect its commercial interest in the outdoor market and what assistance it will get from the NMBM department of housing.

Marius Gerber, managing director, Century Media Pty Ltd

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