Displaced Khoisan, now point fingers at whites

NATIONALISATION is a core principle of the Freedom Charter of the ANC, which forms the nucleus of our constitution. Nationalisation of key industries in South Africa will commence regardless of whatever form of opposition is put forth!

 Hence, I only seek then to put forth my humble opinion. I find it extremely hypocritical of African South Africans to point fingers at white settlers who came to this land and shot them and stole land they claimed as their own. I am not disputing the shooting part, I am, however, disputing the land ownership portion.

Where did Africans get land from in the first place when they are not indigenous to the southern portion of the continent? They were certainly not invited to come from the great lakes region and settle here by the Khoi-Khoi and San groups who are the true indigenes.

As history goes, African tribes forcefully took lands from the Khoisan, at the cost of great bloodshed and suffering to the Khoisan, and did not sign any contract or pay any price for it.

Does that not place them in the same boat as the whites that they are pointing fingers at?

The ANC government is comfortable in maintaining its land redistribution policy from 1913 onwards as it suits its purpose of giving land to Africans that does not even belong to them. Yet, they are the first to complain about how unfair whites are treating Africans and how they are justified in taking what they want.

 Africans are right in saying that they were here before the whites, but they are not indigenous to SA themselves, thus the only reason they are able to do as they please is because they are the vast majority of this country’s population. And the majority is not always right.

Everton Bouwer, Port Elizabeth

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