Childish rant by official

IT appears once again the ANC-led metro municipality is showing its true colours as being unbelievably arrogant and rude. I read with disgust the news release on the home page of the NMB metro website titled “The illegal ‘ratepayers’ protest that never happened”.

While I am not a member of the Ratepayers Association and do not by and large agree with some of the actions suggested by it, I am offended by the unprofessional and downright childish tone used by Baron in this press release. As someone who is the mouthpiece of the metro it paints a shocking and poor image of the council and the mayor himself.

The legality or illegality of the proposed protest by the Ratepayers Association is certainly not an acceptable and excusable reason for Baron to issue such a disgusting statement. He is outright attacking the very people who pay his salary and that mere fact alone makes his actions totally unacceptable.

Furthermore I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read the statement beginning, “Known for its ability to prepare for the unforeseen”. It begs the question: if the metro is so well known for the preparing for the unforeseen, why didn’t it prepare for the drought that has besieged us for so long?

 Or is it a case of, “Well we can only be prepared for the unforeseen, because we’re too busy writing cover-ups for stolen ratepayers’ money to be bothered to deal with the foreseen!”

For goodness sakes, if you’re going to be rude and sarcastic, at least be truthful!

As can be expected, I am sure the ANC masses will rally behind this esteemed cadre and no action will be taken.

As a side note, it’s most interesting to note that Zwelinzima Vavi has called for action to be taken against Nceba Faku regarding his utterances about burning The Herald (“Act against Faku – Vavi”, The Herald, June 29).

 I wonder if he will be labelled an anti-revolutionary now too?

Grant Abbott, Charlo, Port Elizabeth

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