Poor lesson being taught to special needs children

THE instinctive response upon seeing the headline of the article, “Crying out at racial discrimination in SA of today” (The Herald, June 28), for me, a middle class, considerably educated, independent black female, is to think “oh, wow, yet another nonsensical race-based tirade”.

But upon closer inspection my heart sank as I recognised the truth in the words in print before me. Somehow, the injustices and discriminatory encounters experienced by adults are expected and brushed aside. But I’ll be damned if the same is true for children.

What lessons is the principal teaching those young minds? What cracked and tainted portrait of themselves is she teaching them to paint?

This blatant display of discrimination not only speaks to her inadequacy as an educator but screams at her incapability of being a care giver. To subject children who have had to face social judgment for their “disability” to those conditions is nothing less than a further damnation, segregating them according to the race, or no wait, “their languages”, only serves to further entrench inferiority complexes they may have developed.

What is the problem here? The resources are there clearly, my hard-earned tax money goes to that school. The Department of Education best be answerable to this incredulous disservice.

I bet the response from the school if any will sound a little like: the level of progression for the kids is not the same, we are stumped for resources, or better yet, the children do not progress the same as the average child.

 No child will progress in an environment that is not stimulating. If improvements and resource injections are made to the school, they should be to the benefit of all its children.

Olwethu Nkonki, Port Elizabeth

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