R25m paid in salaries could be better used

 IT is shameful for city officials to vote themselves a pay hike above the already inflated salaries when the city is nearly bankrupt (“Metro’s R25m salary splurge”, The Herald, June 23).

Have these officials done their job? No.

Are these officials living a life of true dedicated service? No.

Have these officials taken a pay cut? No.

Have these officials at least voted to freeze their already inflated salaries? No.

 It suddenly makes sense why the Hawks had to go and why no metro police could be formed to assist in fighting crime. There is an already stretched SAPS.

These officials don’t want anyone finding out what they really have been doing. Only crooks want to diminish those who bring about law and order and those who are living a true life of service that could expose them.

 Let’s see what the R25-million from these unnecessarily inflated salaries could have solved in the metro:

 ýThe 10km hookup to water that would solve the metro’s water problems forever, or

 ýSolar panels for one million households, making the metro once again independent from the Eskom grid, or

ýSome 500 houses – it doesn’t sound much, but would be the world to those who need it, or

ýA bit extra for their Christmas payment for pensioners barely making ends meet, or

ýGetting the metro police force going, and retaining the Hawks.

 Salaries for national, regional and municipal governments’ appointees should be determined by the national finance minister, and should be based on performance and what is affordable for the said regional and municipal budgets. Under no circumstances should these units be allowed to set their own salaries.

 Some sanity has to return to this situation. There’s been no great change for the good of the city by the city fathers since 1994.

 It is time to put our foot down as ratepayers.

The presidential hotline number is 17737. For our own survival let’s fight corruption.

Very concerned, Port Elizabeth (name and contact details supplied)

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