Expose bigots for what they are

 IN response to the article, “Atholgate shows Afrikaner scars still raw” by Patrick Cull (The Herald, June 20), I write this letter without prejudice. Athol Trollip should be saluted for calling a spade a spade, and exposing Jaap Kelder and his ratepayers’ association for what they are, namely a group of neo-Nazi, AWB Afrikaner nationalists with their own selfish agenda. They use forums like ratepayers associations and Afriforum to promote their bigotry and masked racism.

We want to hear about South Africans, not Afrikaners, who want special treatment. Those who harp on their Afrikanerdom translocate to Orania and leave us in peace.

It should never be forgotten that the Broederbond and Ossewabrandwag were Nazi sympathisers who supported Germany in the Second World War. The leader of the Ossewabrandwag was Oswald Pirow, the first minister of police in DF Malan’s cabinet.

DR Galloway, Uitenhage

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