Bitten by dog roaming around streets

IN response to the recent readers’ letters in The Herald concerning aggressive dogs left to roam the streets of certain suburbs, I would like to add that recently, I was bitten again by what was clearly not a stray dog in Himeville Road, Bluewater Bay, while on my evening jog. You might say what am I doing jogging after dark, but why should I not have the right to take some exercise at 5.30pm in my suburb on a dark winter’s day after work?

 This is the second time I have been bitten by a medium-sized dog in Bluewater Bay, and although on both occasions it was a “hit and run” type of bite, with the dog just basically nipping me and piercing the skin, it is still a frightening experience. There was the added inconvenience of having to put up with the burning pain of a bite for a few days, plus making sure that one’s tetanus injection is up to date.

 I would hate to think what would happen if someone were bitten by a larger, extremely aggressive dog such as the one currently being allowed to roam the Newton Park streets.

People in our society are really getting slack in so many ways. Nowadays everyone just wants a dog to protect their property.

 They don’t seem to care about the animal’s needs. Any animal behaviourist will tell you that dogs need plenty of attention, exercise, discipline and care.

 It is no good just to have them on your property for security, shove out a bowl of food every now and again, and let them out the front gate to roam the neighbourhood so that they dare not leave their “land-mines” on your precious lawn.

Dogs can become a real nuisance and a menace to others if they are not properly cared for and are left to roam the streets.

I have since boosted my confidence by investing in a stun gun which I now carry with me when I go running. However, I would much rather use it on the owner of the dog that chases and bites me. The dog did not ask to be with a human who neglects it and leaves it to roam the streets like a predator.

Nina Bodisch, Port Elizabeth

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