No action from metro, so road floods again

ON two previous occasions this year I have reported the water build-up in Bendor Drive West, Beverley Grove, to metro councillor Gustav Rautenbach (Ward 8), and he has forwarded requests to Jeffrey Sawuli and Tony Arthur for the situation to be addressed. Approximately three weeks ago after the last heavy rains, I received a call from Sawuli, who indicated the situation would be addressed as soon as the water levels had dropped, but the cause was roots from municipal planted trees on the verge, whose roots were invading the drainage systems.

How this was determined remains a mystery as the drains were covered by water at the time. Needless to say nothing was done in the rain-free period until the evening of Friday, June 24, when we received a further heavy downpour and once again the cul-de-sac flooded, as can be seen in the photo.

Once again I question why we are paying rates and taxes for so-called services rendered by the NMM Municipality – what services other than refuse removal? We are also still, in my opinion, unfairly being harnessed with water restrictions and high electrical supply tariffs, which we pay for separately to the rates and taxes, and now there is talk of hiking the tariffs.

I say “no” to increased tariff hikes, especially when we don’t see anything for it.

William le Roux, Port Elizabeth

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