Bay people want capable men and women to run our metro

THE metro mayor has demonstrated how far down the ladder of democracy South Africa has slipped when he, as a prominent member of the ANC, demonises the concerned citizens of the city he supposedly serves, for setting up mechanisms to protect the residents against the predatory office holders (“Mayor blasts association”, The Herald, June 22). Zanoxolo Wayile’s threatening stance toward the citizens is a disgrace to his office.

Some 25 years ago, the mayor and the councillors were chosen by the people to whom they were accountable. Each one was chosen by the citizenry of his or her ward, based on reputation for competence and fairness, and they were not paid although costs were covered.

 It was an honour to serve your city. These councillors were responsible for finding and appointing the senior city officials who were then left to manage their departments while reporting to monthly council meetings where intelligent oversight prevailed.

Political theft by the state of powers over the cities and towns has led to the appointment of hordes of incompetent and uncaring councillors who now earn inflated salaries and contribute zero to the effective oversight of their domain. Clearly many, if not most of the management cadres appointed by the ANC, are also not capable of making any contribution to the competent management of a city.

 Instead of welcoming a collaborative approach with a strong opposition so that they might learn and develop themselves, they appear bent on an arrogant approach in which they seek to ride roughshod over the citizenry while shutting the curtain on any transparency of their work process, no doubt to hide the thieving that is tolerated, if not encouraged.

The real terrorists, Mr Mayor, are you and your cronies reaching all the way back to parliament, and the reaction of the people to your party’s candidate choice says it all. The community does not want politicians governing local affairs, they want capable men and women of stature.

Valdy Jensen, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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