Group unwilling to co-operate

WITH regard to the mayor’s statement on the Ratepayers Association, it must be noted that mayor Zanoxolo Wayile has met representatives of the NMBRA on a number of occasions regarding various issues, not the least of which were the IDP and budget (“Mayor blasts association”, The Herald, June 22). In all instances, Wayile has sincerely displayed an openness and willingness to listen to their constructive input.

 Unfortunately, this has not been reciprocated by the representatives of the NMBRA. Instead of providing constructive input and commentary on all matters discussed, they have always displayed a negative and destructive attitude, buffeted by threats and wanting to hold the municipality to ransom.

 Affording the NMBRA and all other stakeholders the opportunity to provide input should be seen in a positive light and should be taken up constructively. It has however become very clear that, irrespective of the mayor’s attempt to bring them on board, they would rather see the municipality fail and this is what has prompted the mayor to say he will not be held to ransom by their representatives.

Roland Williams, director: communications, NMBM

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