No classes in last week of term

I AM perplexed at what I see every time we near the end of a school term. I work in the northern areas of Port Elizabeth and since Monday, I have seen so many school children on the street.

On asking these kids why they are not at school, the reply is that the term is over and they must only go to collect their reports on Friday.

My children attend St Dominic’s Priory, and they are still getting new tasks and writing tests even though they finished the term exams a week ago.

What is the Department of Education policy on this? Can anybody explain why on the one side of town kids are loitering in shopping centres and corners of the street, while on the other side of town the kids there are still at school working?

Yes, I know that I am generalising, but the kids not doing schoolwork any longer for the term are predominantly from schools in the northern areas and the townships! What is the reason for this – is the problem the department, is it the teachers? I would really like someone to explain this to me.

Gavin April, Port Elizabeth

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