Police, traffic turn away from accident scene

ON June 19, at about 6.20pm, I was a passenger in a car that knocked down a pedestrian who was crossing the road in Nzunga Street. After the driver had stopped his car, we went to assist on the accident scene.

 I told the other guys that were there with me, “We have to do something, to assist the injured person”. I called the emergency line to ask for an ambulance to evacuate the patient.

While I was controlling the movement of the traffic, there was an SAPS Golf that also passed the scene. I thought they were coming to assist us, but instead, the driver only looked through his window.

After that he drove through. He didn’t even try to assist or to investigate what had happened.

A car from the traffic department that was approaching in Nzunga Street made a U-turn, when the driver saw that the road was blocked at about 200m from the scene. Everybody who saw the traffic officer’s car turning back to avoid the accident scene was shocked and complained of poor service delivery by state departments.

The accident victim was finally taken to hospital by the car that knocked him down, because neither the ambulance nor police had arrived on the scene.

 When I arrived at home, I contacted the Motherwell police station, informed them about the accident and also gave them details of the car involved in the accident, in case the driver did not report it. Unfortunately I didn’t take the police vehicle’s registration number.

I wonder if SAPS and traffic officers do not want to render their services to the community. Who is going to do their job, because I was controlling the traffic to avoid further accidents until the victim was evacuated to hospital? As a proud member of the SANDF who is serving the nation, I risked my life.

Thanks to the guys who helped the injured person.

 Khayalethu Ntolosi, Port Elizabeth

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