Still unhappy with elected councillors

THE question of councillors who rose to supremacy, leaving enormous discontent in our communities must not be forgotten. Our Freedom Charter clearly states that the people must govern – and that must be respected, accepted and implemented.

Our leaders are saying we must vote for the ANC for speedy delivery but behind that message we see self enrichment and it’s high time that we stop such attitudes because it’s denting the image of the organisation. The recent outcome of the local government elections says it all.

We need to wake up and participate diligently in the affairs of the movement. We need to stand up and vote for the comrades that have heart and sense of humour, who are tried and tested.

We need people that are capable of taking us to the next level.

Now the ANC is going to squander more money in checking the legitimacy of the newly elected councillors, something we raised with our regional office prior to the elections, but which fell on deaf ears. We are not happy at all with the way problems are being addressed and won’t be until some of these comrades are relieved of their portfolios.

It’s even more difficult now because some opportunities have been given to serve in the mayoral committee. This investigation must move very fast otherwise a display of further dissatisfaction will be inevitable.

We just hope that this newly elected mayoral committee under comrade Zanoxolo Wayile will make us proud and deliver more services to our communities. One still wonders why some of those implicated in corruption were endorsed as legitimate candidates by the provincial executive committee.

Nevertheless we hope Wayile will dedicate his term to the poorest of the poor communities.

Mzimasi Nyamakazi, Port Elizabeth

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