Be prepared for speaking at functions

I ATTENDED an Odissi dance show at the Opera House and was very embarrassed that the representative of Nelson Mandela Bay, Roland Williams, delivered such a poor vote of thanks.

He spoke of himself, about the work he still had to do and talked on the “solar eclipse” happening that evening. It was the lunar eclipse.

 In his notes the ICC was interpreted by Williams as the International Cricket Council and the International Criminal Court – what have these two organisations have to do with Indian dancing? ICC is the Indian Cultural Centre, which is based in Durban.

 The cherry on the top and the biggest embarrassment was when the artists all walked off stage, while Williams was still talking about matters not related to the show. There is a very well known saying in the Scouts, “be prepared”, to keep in mind when you are representing Nelson Mandela Bay.

Odissi dance patron, Malabar, Port Elizabeth (name and contact details supplied)

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