ANC not necessarily right choice

 I DID not even bother to vote this year. There is no specific party that I consider backing, so my statements are my own. 

I would like to comment on Black Rose’s observations (“Every person has right to vote for party of choice”, The Herald, June 9).

Do you read the newspaper or watch the news? Do you see the people who are leading this country, getting away with murder?

 There’s no accountability for any actions of wrongdoing at all. When money disappears, it’s termed as “mismanagement” of funds and we simply just let it go.

 My hard-earned tax money is paying for parties, fancy cars and holidays, and yet there’s nothing this country can do for the millions without jobs, schooling, healthcare and basic facilities.

I still cannot get over the fact that we still allow people to toyi-toyi. Freedom of speech, they say.

Yes, this also includes the freedom to rampage through the streets, damage property and threaten their fellow man who do not agree with their point of view.

 Strike anytime you want – it doesn’t matter if you are embarrassing South Africa in front of the world (during the World Cup).

If you don’t agree with Helen Zille, then don’t vote for her (I certainly didn’t). But on the flip side, can you honestly tell me this country can rely on a man such as Julius Malema?

And yes, even if Malema was coloured, white or Asian, I’d still say he’s crazy!

If you look at any company or party, at the people who are in the managerial/leadership positions, those people are specifically chosen and appointed in those positions as they agree with and share the viewpoints of that company/party. The ANC is very relaxed and comfortable by simply removing itself from its leaders’ crazy outbursts.

 “Oh, we (ANC) don’t agree with X’s statements. This is not supported by the ANC!”

Why is this person then still representing your party?

I won’t say that I don’t think the ANC can make this country work, because I think it is among a few parties that can. The problem is the ANC and this country need a leader with a firm hand, someone who can make quality (and equality) decisions and get rid of the criminals in the posh seats.

It’s because people think like you that our country is a disaster, Black Rose. You are more bothered about your colour than anything else.

Until we learn to let go of the past, this country stands no chance.

You certainly have the right to vote for whichever party you choose, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are making the right choice for this country!

Watching from the sidelines, Korsten, Port Elizabeth (name and contact details supplied)

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