Boost education rather than giving child grants

PAT Dunbar, never was a truer word spoken (“Birth rate has to fall for SA to prosper”, The Herald, June 10).

We all love South Africa and especially Port Elizabeth, but you know our younger generation is exposed to the horrific world out there. So when a young woman meets a young man that she likes, birth control is out the window.

It does not matter how much sex education they get, emotion will always override. And you know what?

 They do not really care. Why? Because they will get government child grants, that you and I pay for when we pay SARS.

So why does our government not reverse the grant system, so that the funds can help the younger generation to study. This works like a study loan – after each year of passing their exams, the money pays for the next year, and so on and so on.

 Should they then fail they will have to repay three years’ study monies. It works the same as having a study loan.

It is one way to reduce our population and educate one and all. That way one and all can study and have jobs.

Rather pay student grants to pupils who want to become something one day than to teenagers year after year for having babies.

This will also reduce the HIV rate amazingly.

Irene Rule, Port Elizabeth

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