No record of reader complaint

THE Herald of June 2 published a letter, “No help from protector”, in which Pikisile Maxwell alleges he has lost confidence in the Eastern Cape Office of the Public Protector after being unfairly deprived of the services of the institution.

The public protector has investigated the matter internally and the findings have concluded that the Eastern Cape provincial public protector has no record of a complaint received from Maxwell. The provincial representative denies receiving a telephonic enquiry from the complainant and the allegation that she issued an instruction that her official cellphone number should not be given to the public.

There was no clinic conducted in Motherwell as alleged. The public protector official who acted on behalf of the outreach officer is an office assistant and not a messenger.

All allegations relating to how the official conducted himself as well as alleged utterances were denied. The official has confirmed he never conducted a clinic in Motherwell, but in Uitenhage at Jeff Masemola Hall and in Alexandria at Nonkqubela Hall.

The official has on previous occasions successfully conducted the outreach programmes, and is capable of articulating the mandate of the institution and its relationship with state organs. There are no 2009/10 complaints that have not been allocated to investigators.

There is no official in the Eastern Cape office who is currently on leave until September 2011.

 Should Maxwell have any evidence that contradicts the above, he is advised to contact Public Protector South Africa on tel 0800-112040 and ask to speak to the public protector personally or the spokesperson.

Kgalalelo Masibi, senior manager: outreach, communications and education, the Public Protector South Africa

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