Bridal Fair – Announcer told of entry numbers

IN response to the letters in The Herald published on June 6 (“Limit entries to avoid unpleasantness”), as a co-owner of The Plantation, which is the main sponsor of the Win a Wedding competition, I performed the lucky draw at the Bridal Fair. The winner, Rebecca Keane, visited our stand every hour to put 300 entries into the entry box.

We chat to most of the people who visit our stand, and were amazed by the number of entries Rebecca submitted and her dogged determination.

It is by far the highest number of entries anyone has submitted in the last four years we have sponsored the competition. There was another couple who had entered 1200 times, and many who submitted hundreds of entries.

When I drew the winning entry from deep within the huge pile (to ensure fairness) I read that it was Rebecca who had won, and told Carol-Ann Kelleher, while on stage, that Rebecca had entered a whopping 5200 times, which I knew from chatting to her at our stand. That is how Carol-Ann could announce that Rebecca had entered 5200 times before speaking to the winner.

I can understand why the audience could have thought this was strange and would like to clarify that the draw was completely fair.

We congratulate Rebecca and Ryan on winning – the amount of effort they put into collecting entry forms from all their friends and contacts, filling in by hand all 5200 entry forms, and the 16 or so hours they spent at the Bridal Fair submitting their entries is truly commendable, and we look forward to hosting their wedding.

Sarah Dirsuwei, co-owner, The Plantation

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