Zim orders illegal farm invaders to vacate land

Zimbabwe’s new agriculture minister has ordered people illegally occupying formerly white-owned commercial farms to vacate, nearly two decades after violent land grabs led by ousted president Robert Mugabe, state media said yesterday.

“All those who were illegally settled or who just settled themselves on resettlement land should vacate immediately,” The Herald quoted Perrance Shiri, Zimbabwe’s new lands and agriculture minister, as saying.

“Only those people with documentation of land occupancy and or those who were allocated land legitimately should remain on the farms and concentrate on production unhindered.”

Shiri, a retired air force marshal who served in the military when the army took over the government last month, resulting in the ousting of Mugabe, said sanity had to prevail for Zimbabwe to revive its agriculture.

“If we are to meet the goals set out by government to use agriculture as the mainstay of the economy, we need to ensure unquestionable sanity on the farms,” he said.

“Constitutionalism should be the guiding principle and as such behaviour and actions not conforming to this are not permissible under whatever circumstances.”

Zimbabwe’s land disputes have remained a thorn in the side of the southern African country after Mugabe spearheaded the sometimes violent removal of thousands of white farmers in 2000.

Mugabe declared he was correcting colonial-era injustices.

But the ousting of experienced farmers had disastrous effects on food production in the country.

Dozens of white farmers are legally contesting their forced removal from their farms, while a handful are still farming without hindrance.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa vowed not to reverse land seizures but said his government would compensate former white farmers whose farms were taken by legal means.

One thought on “Zim orders illegal farm invaders to vacate land

  • December 20, 2017 at 7:34 am

    I was allocated a 50 hac plot in Gweru in 2000 but the person who was chosen to be heardman put his sister on my plot in 2008 after I spent 2:weeks in hospital with my child who had a serious condition ‘hydrocaephalus’,I was taking him for the 4th head operation,I left my bro and his wife each time I was going for operation,thats when the headman took advantage of my situation regardless of the fact that there was production in the land like borehall,crops,cattle and houses.I went to DA’s office and he reffered me to Vungu Rural District Council there I was sent to ministry of Lands in Gweru that was still in 2008 ,I went they checked if the plot was repossessed,it wasn’t so I went back with the feedback,they said I must meet the councillor I met him we went together to see the place and he was shocked as to why they put someone on that plot because there was development and people staying there,he then called for an urgent meeting which comprised of him,me,headman and sister that’s when the headman admitted that he put his sister and the councillor said she must be removed but she is still there .I have papers but how can I remove her since everything I tried didn’t work,any help will be appreciated


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