R13bn varsity to honour Mugabe

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe
Picture: Philimon Bulawayo / Reuters

Cash-strapped Zimbabwe plans to build a university to honour Robert Mugabe, the 93-year-old president accused of brutal repression and bringing the country to economic ruin.

The university joins other facilities named after Mugabe, including the government’s school of intelligence, a main street in the capital Harare and the highway to his rural home.

“The cabinet has approved the establishment of the Robert Gabriel Mugabe University,” Tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo said.

“There can be no better recognition of President Mugabe’s commitment to education and his exemplary leadership.”

Moyo said the post-graduate university would cost $1-billion (R13.2-billion), but declined to say how the country would afford to pay the sum.

He said the university would specialise in science, technology and engineering.

Mugabe, in power since Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain in 1980, will contest elections due next year, despite his advanced age and concerns over his frail health.

The country’s economic output has halved since 2 000, many basic services have collapsed, and government salaries use up more than 90% of all public revenue.

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