Zanu-PF moves to ‘deny expatriates right to vote’

Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe at the World Economic Forum in Durban 
Picture: REUTERS

Zimbabwe intends to abolish dual citizenship, says the country’s registrar-general, Tobaiwa Mudede.

The move has been seen as a strategy to block Zimbabweans living outside the country from voting in next year’s general election.

Political analyst Zama Mkhwananzi said: “They want to manage numbers because it is a widely held belief that economic refugees all over the world don’t want Mugabe in power.”

– President Mugabe, 93, is not asleep when he closes his eyes for long periods at public events.

He is resting his eyes after exposure to bright lights, his spokesman said yesterday.

Mugabe has had his eyes closed at recent appearances, including at a discussion panel at last week’s World Economic Forum meeting, in Durban.

Mugabe spokesman George Charamba said the president was in Singapore for treatment for his eyes but that his general health was good.

Mugabe’s foreign medical trips are often criticised in Zimbabwe, where healthcare has collapsed.

Charamba said Mugabe’s medical care was supervised in Harare by a “very, very, very black” Zimbabwean doctor – and by only a few specialists abroad.- AFP

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