Glamorous first lady set to keep low profile in new role

Glamorous and accomplished, it is hoped Melania Trump can shine a positive light on Donald Trump.

She is effusively praised by her husband as an excellent mother to their son, Barron,10, who seemed to be feeling the strain somewhat during his father’s victory speech, often looking as if he was on the brink of falling asleep.

Trump is also portrayed as an elegant businesswoman destined to be the perfect first lady.

But the Slovenian model, 46, is known to be happier on the sidelines.

She shies away from the spotlight, preferring to remain behind the scenes – especially since her previous foray into politics, introducing her husband at the Republican National Convention, was ridiculed when it turned out her speech was plagiarised from Michelle Obama.

What does her devotion to her husband tell us about how she will view her role as first lady?

She would certainly break the mould, being the first third wife to occupy the White House, the first non-native speaker of English, and the first fluent in five languages –Slovenian, German, French, Serbian and English.

Contrary to popular belief she would not be the first foreign born – that was Louisa Adams, the English wife of sixth president John Quincy, who served from 1825 to 1829.

Nor would she be the first model – both Betty Ford and Pat Nixon worked as models, with Nixon using those skills to become the first first lady to appear publicly in trousers, and model them for a national magazine.

Trump would, however, certainly be the first first lady to have posed naked.

The now famous 2000 GQ photo shoot has been widely reproduced, with the then girlfriend of the president elect reclining naked on a fur blanket inside his private jet, and posing in a bra and thong with a gun.

“We have incredible sex at least once a day,” she told “shock jock” Howard Stern that year.

“Sometimes even more.” Trump boasted about how hot she looked in a very small thong.

Yet despite having a past that would make Barbara Bush blush, Trump vows to bea traditional first lady.

Stylist Phillip Bloch, who has worked with both the Trumps, said: “She’d be great at picking out the china patterns; she’d be a classic first lady.”

One of the roles of the first lady is to turn the White House into their home, with the help of a team of interior designers and the Committee for the Preservation of the White House – on which the first lady automatically sits.

The current issue of Architectural Digest heaps praise on Obama’s choice of striking modern art for the private presidential quarters.

Given Trump’s fondness foro pulent gold, marble and chandeliers, it will be interesting to see how Trump approaches the project.

Perhaps surprisingly, given her beauty and low profile, Trump has the worst favourability ratings of any prospective first lady Gallup has measured since 1992.

She has said she will steer clear of policy decisions – unlike such figures as Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosalynn Carter and Ellen Wilson.

She is also unlikely to play the Rottweiler role of Nancy Reagan, who was famous for turning on White House staff she felt were not acting in her husband’s best interests.

Unlike Obama and Hillary Clinton, however, Trump I snot expected to chafe at the constraints of being first lady.

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