Crash investigators believe body parts of co-pilot found

CRASH scene investigators have found body parts thought to belong to the co-pilot of the ill-fated Germanwings flight that crashed into the Alps, it has been claimed.

French investigators confirmed that they had found traces of Andreas Lubitz’s body among the crash debris high in the mountains where the wreckage of the downed Airbus A320 – en route to Duesseldorf from Barcelona – fell.

German newspaper Bild confirmed that French authorities believed they had located Lubitz’s remains. Families of those killed are understood to have been invited to give DNA samples to expedite the identification of their loved ones.

The investigation’s chief forensic scientist, Professor Michael Tsokos, confirmed Lubitz’s body was among those retrieved.

Experts expect most victims will be identified and certified dead by the end of next month.

Meanwhile, a senior Lufthansa manager has said he is doubtful the flight data recorder will ever be found.

Speaking on an ARD talk show, Kay Kratky said the speed of the plane was almost 805km/h and warned that the recorder could have been pulverised. His comments came as French officials refused to confirm categorically that the disaster was intentionally caused by Lubitz.

The investigation is still designated a manslaughter inquiry rather than being upgraded to a murder probe.

An ally of German chancellor Angela Merkel, CDU transport expert Dirk Fischer, has proposed an easing of medical confidentiality for those in sensitive jobs.

– The Telegraph

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