‘Top Gear’ does not need Clarkson, The Stig says

HIT show Top Gear could thrive without its troubled co-host Jeremy Clarkson, according to The Stig.

Ben Collins played the show’s mysterious helmeted character, The Stig, for eight years but fell out with the BBC after he decided to reveal his identity and publish an autobiography.

Collins said Clarkson had not been supportive of him during his clash with the corporation and added that Top Gear could continue without him.

He said: “Top Gear has achieved huge status and Jeremy has certainly been part of that because he’s got such a big personality. . . he’s an unstoppable force.

“But fans of the programme love it for lots of different reasons. Jeremy is certainly one of them, but not the only one.”

But Perry McCarthy, who was The Stig from 2002 to 2003, said Top Gear without Clarkson would take “the fire out of it” and “won’t work”.

“I think you’re going to have a diluted product. I don’t think it will have the value that it did, here and overseas,” he said.

– Ananova

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