Deadly spiders found in bananas

A MOTHER was scared stiff after opening a bunch of supermarket bananas and finding rare spiders whose bite can kill – or give a man a painful four-hour erection.

Maria Layton, 43, spotted the arachnids after opening the bag of yellow fruit she bought from Tesco.

She found the bananas, shipped from Costa Rica, were infested with eggs from the Brazilian wandering spider – the most deadly in the world.

As soon as she discovered the cocoon they started to hatch so she quickly put them in a sealed container in the freezer and called Tesco customer services.

The species is deadly and its venom can kill a human in just two hours – but can also give male victims a four-hour erection. Its venom is currently being studied for use in erectile dysfunction treatments.

Mother-of-two Layton went to open the bag for her eldest daughter Siri, six, but noticed there was something funny on the side of one of the bananas.

The full-time mother said: “My husband bought the bananas from Tesco, they had been in the house a whole day before I ripped the bag open.

“The first banana had a funny bit on it, so I got another one for her and that was when I found the massive spider cocoon.

“I remembered seeing a news story about them, so when I saw the cocoon it rang a bell and I thought I should check it, so I googled it.”

– The Telegraph

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