Joked his way to world record


A BRITISH comedian has broken the world record for telling the most jokes in a minute – taking the title off a German.

Clive Greenaway told 26 one-liners in 60 seconds in front of a live audience to claim the record.

Although the 57-year-old fell two jokes short of the 28 he had hoped for, it was still enough to outdo rival Markus Weise by five jokes.

Greenaway spent a year practising for the record and his act was so well-rehearsed that he was able to rattle off one joke every two seconds.

One of the strict Guinness World Records rules stated that the live audience of 250 people had to laugh at each joke or the gag would not be counted.

Officials spent six months studying the video footage of Greenaway’s act to ensure there were sufficient laughs for every joke and the chuckles were genuine.

Greenaway, from Poole, Dorset, has now been sent an official certificate declaring him the record holder.

Weise had held the title for three years after his 21-joke act in 2012 beat the previous record of 19 held by Sean Styles.

Greenaway, a former driving instructor, is a professional Tommy Cooper impersonator and performs at theatres around the UK. He broke the record at the end of one of his shows at the Haverhill Arts Centre, in Suffolk, last June.

“I am delighted with my record,” Greenaway said. “When I heard a German held the world record for telling the most jokes in a minute I couldn’t believe it. I knew it had to be broken.”

“I chose some classic English, old school jokes the likes of Tommy Cooper and Les Dawson used to tell.” Some of his jokes: ý “My wife and I were happy – then we met.”

  •  “My wife dresses to kill – and cooks the same way.”
  •  “I ate a ploughman’s lunch – he was not happy.”

– The Telegraph

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