Shed of the year contest opens

NOMINATIONS are now open for the annual shed of the year contest in which Britons each year show their eccentric affection for their garden refuges.

Early contenders this year include a mini-pub shed called The Ballroom at Keyworth in Nottinghamshire.

Rivals include the VW-themed Pear Tree Wedding HQ in Northamptonshire, a bunker-like Biker’s Shed near Chichester and a Pirate Retreat in Croydon.

Some of the bizarre items that Brits horde in their sheds include ex-husbands’ possessions, retro cassette tapes and World War 2 gas masks.

The garden shed industry is now worth over £8-billion (R14.3-billion) to the British economy, with more than 21 million people in the UK now owning a shed.

– Ananova

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