Career in fashion awaits less than model citizen


A SMOOTH criminal whose hot mugshot melted the hearts of women admirers around the world looks set for fame in the fashion industry.

Jeremy Meeks is serving a prison sentence for the illegal possession of a firearm, but that did not stop him winning a modelling contract, with White Cross Management.

The photogenic 30-year-old could be out of prison on early release in November, and hopes a career in modelling can help change his life.

Meeks, who also wants to do acting on television shows like the Sons of Anarchy, said he received hundreds of letters every month from fans and hoped to capitalise on his popularity.

He became an overnight celebrity when his photograph was posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page, attracting comments like: “Apparently, it is a crime to look this fine.”

His photo is now on the website of White Cross Management, which has offices in Los Angeles and New York.

Meeks’s agent, Jim Jordan, said this week many opportunities awaited him with modelling agencies around the world, endorsement deals and television reality shows.

Meeks was one of four men arrested in Stockton, California, in June last year following a series of shootings and robberies.

After his picture was posted on the internet by police, it attracted 30 000 likes on Facebook and nearly 10 000 comments, mostly from women. Many referred to his blue eyes, prominent cheekbones and chiselled jaw.

Comments included, “I’m in love with a criminal”, “Can we be handcuffed together?” and “He can kidnap me any day”.

Another said: “Why is he breaking the law when he should be making millions modelling?”

Some women suggested that Meeks apply for a spot on the reality television show, America’s Next Top Model, when he gets out of prison.

– The Telegraph

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