Daughter opens grave in will hunt

A WOMAN who told US police she dug up her father’s grave in search of his “real will” but found only vodka and cigarettes has pleaded guilty to charges including abuse of a corpse.

Melanie Nash, 53, was one of four accused in the plan to open Eddie Nash’s vault in Colebrook, New Hampshire, then rifle through his coffin in May last year. They did not find a will in the coffin.

Nash, who faced trial this month, instead agreed to plead guilty on Monday to charges of criminal mischief, interference with a cemetery, conspiracy and abuse of a corpse. She will be sentenced in May. Two others pleaded guilty; one was acquitted. Nash told police she did not receive anything when her father died and for years had been thinking of digging up the grave to prove that her sister, Susie Nash, hid the will.

Susie has said there was only one will when their father’s estate plan was done in 1995.

In a statement to police last June, Melanie wrote that she met up with the others to go to the cemetery. “All this was done for the right reasons. and I know my father would be OK with it,” she wrote.

Eddie died of a heart attack at the age of 68. He has since been reburied.

– The Telegraph

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