Incredible photo captures weasel riding on the back of a flying woodpecker



An incredible image of a weasel mounted on a flying woodpecker has been captured by a photographer in a London park. The remarkable shot was taken by Martin Le-May on a walk with his wife through Hornchurch Country Park in Havering.

Photo by Martin Le-May
Photo by Martin Le-May

The amateur photographer told ITV that he “feared the worst” for the bird which appeared to be “unnaturally hopping about like it was treading on a hot surface” before flying in his direction.

The bird eventually landed about 25 metres from the couple. It managed to escape the attack and fly out of sight as the weasel was distracted by the couple’s presence.

“The woodpecker left with its life, the weasel just disappeared into the long grass, hungry,” Mr Le-May added.

The incredible image has had more than 2,000 retweets and been ‘favourited’ nearly 2,000 times since it was shared on the social media website yesterday, triggering a flurry of reaction and comments.

– The Telegraph 

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