Ambitious William forced to settle for kingdom

Prince William
Prince William

THE Duke of Cambridge has disclosed that he secretly yearned to be an astronaut, or even a fire-breather when he was a boy, before accepting he would have to settle for being a king.

On the second day of his visit to Japan, the duke met a spaceman and told him about his childhood ambitions.

Soichi Noguchi, who spent 177 days in the International Space Station five years ago, was curious to know whether the duke, a helicopter pilot, had ever aimed for the stars.

The duke said: “When I was younger I dreamed of being an astronaut, but I also wanted to be a policeman and also a fire-breather, but that was maybe a bit alternative.”

Prince William earlier paid his respects to British prisoners of war killed in Japan by laying a wreath at a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery.

He spoke a few words in Japanese to business leaders earlier, saying: “Minna sama

konichi-wa,” which means “hello everyone”.

– The Telegraph

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