Personal hygiene of fairer sex in UK needs good scrub down

FOUR out of five Britsh women admit they do not shower every day, and a third say they can go for three days without washing their body.

The personal hygiene of Britain’s fairer sex – or the lack thereof – has been laid bare in a survey of 2 021 women aged 18 to 50 for skincare range Flint + Flint.

It also found that almost two-thirds cannot be bothered to remove makeup before they go to bed.

When it comes to washing in the morning, only 21% of women take the time to shower or have a bath every day, with 33% admitting to leaving it as long as three days from wash to wash.

Time constraints mean that despite knowing the importance of skin care and general hygiene, 57% of UK women admit to opting for a quick freshen up with wipes before bed.

Despite this, 92% claim to understand the importance of a skin care regime and recognised that life-style factors such as lack of sleep (76%) and dehydration (61%) can impact on their skin.

Nearly 90% blamed evening and morning tiredness for their lack of baths or showers.

– The Telegraph

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