Oldies have more sex after 50 years

THEY may be past their sexual prime, but you would be wrong to assume golden oldies get bored with each other in the sack.

Scientists say committed couples who make it to their golden wedding anniversary have more sex than those who have remarried.

Couples who have stayed together for over 50 years make love more than those who have had multiple partners in their lives, research has found.

While couples have sex more in the early years of marriage it tapers off over time.

A slight bounce occurs for those whose relationships endure and it may be down to being more content with their loved ones.

Louisiana State University professor Samuel Stroope said while sex becomes less of a novelty over time and frequency tends to diminish “it may be the permanency of the relationship that contributes to sexual relations picking up a bit at the end. People tend to be more even-keeled when they age, which may help cut down on marital conflict and facilitate regular sexual activity into advanced age.”

His researchers analysed the link between marital characteristics and sexual outcomes among 1 656 married adults aged 57 to 85.

“Additionally, the study used a snapshot in time. Therefore it cannot prove length and order caused sexual frequency.”

– The Telegraph

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