Bride marries wedding guest instead of groom

A COLD-HEARTED bride made sure her Hindu wedding went ahead when her groom fell ill. She married a guest instead. Jugal Kishore, 25, was rushed to hospital in India after suffering an epileptic seizure on his wedding day. He returned to the venue to find his 23-year-old bride, named Indira, had already moved on to another man.

The woman was apparently angry about not being informed of her partner’s medical condition and said she would “happily marry someone else at the wedding”.

She married her sister’s brother-in-law, Harper Singh.

The controversial decision did not go down well with the rejected groom’s family, who tried to force Indira to change her mind.

The rejected groom claimed he would not be able to face his friends following the embarrassing episode. A massive fight broke out and several guests were arrested.

– The Telegraph

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